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Affordable Home Value and Appeal Benefits with Wooden Fencing.

A quality Residential wood fencing installer can add much more than a value to a home, it can change your entire homes appeal which offers a great advantage in a tight housing market. Installing a wood fence using a contractor in Columbia SC is a particularly affordable option and is the most common type of fencing. For home-buyers with families and pets, residential wooden fencing can increase the curb appeal for YOUR home in the Columbia area!

Variety of Options for Wood Fences in Columbia SC

Wood Fence Columbia SC Installation Contractor

There are several residential Wood Fence Columbia SC styles to choose from, ranging from the typical picket fences to sturdy privacy protecting fences to decorative options designed to beautify while they enhance privacy. A variety of wood fence Columbia SC are available to choose from.

Custom Wood Fencing is Affordable and Popular by a Wood Fence Installer in Columbia SC

Custom wooden fences are the most popular residential fencing choices in the Columbia SC area. These fences are a very affordable option for multi-purpose backyards, such as those dedicating some space to gardening and some space to family oriented activities. Wood fences, complemented by decorative wood gate solar lights, can truly enhance a residential landscaping project.

Wooden Fences for Families

Wooden fences are an attractive addition to a residential home. Unlike many other types of fence, such as chain-link, wooden fences have charm and a appearance that is all their own. With a little bit of stain color, or even just unfinished, your fence will always be there as a comforting addition to your property.

More importantly, the relaxing peace of mind that a quality wood fence can offer families with families or people with pets is the real value of residential style fencing. Stockade fence, for example, comes in a variety of heights, ranging typically from 4 to 6 feet, though custom wood fence orders for higher or lower heights are requested occasionally. In addition to offering perfect visual privacy or almost full visual privacy, a stockade fence of the correct height will not allow dogs to get loose by climbing over. For those families with children, there will be no worries about young kids climbing over and visiting neighbors unannounced.

Wood Fence for Columbia SC Area Homeowners

Wood fences have long been a top choice amongst homeowners looking to add visual appeal to their property. A wood fence has the most obvious benefit of a classic look- everyone grew up wanting the ideal picket fence in his or her front yard! Wood fences can be made to have different design details depending on your individual taste, but in the end, they will always come out looking timeless.

Another benefit of wood is that they are durable. Think of how well your hardwood floors can put up with years of wear and tear. Wood fences can last for decades, making them a sound investment for your home. If it is properly and professionally installed, you will be able to enjoy your wood fence for years to come.

Wood is also one of the most affordable fencing options. Other materials, such as wrought iron, are expensive to produce and to install. Wood is a naturally occurring resource, and so it is much more cost effective to choose a wood fence.
In a housing market that seems to be bouncing up and down recently, peace of mind has a completely different value, as buyers seeking homes are more interested in the comfort and lifestyle specifics of where they are going live, rather than more the potential resale value of a given home.

Increase Curb Appeal

Now, if you think your home might go on the market in the sometime near future, that solid new fence may be just what tips a buyer to YOUR home and not one down the street. If given the choice between a bit of privacy or security or a completely open yard, we experienced that most people would love and prefer to have that something extra around their home. That is why residential fencing is a smart addition to any home that may be entering the market. Residential fencing is practical and appeals to many, whether for privacy purposes or to keep loved ones safe.

Wood Fence Installation Options in Columbia SC

We use three 2×4 treated rails on 6′ fences and four on 8′ fences. All our treated hardwood pine fences are fastened with 6 penny ring shank Stainless Steel nails preventing unsightly rusty nail stains.

  • Board on Board – The process of overlapping 6″ treated hardwood pine pickets to ensure optimum privacy. Our 8′ capped Board on Board fence is your ultimate defense against noisy traffic or nosey neighbors.
  • Shadow Box – This is a wonderful option if you back up to a greenbelt or creek. Shadow Boxing creates an open feel while reserving a certain amount of privacy.
  • Picket Fencing – Our standard new construction replacement fence sections are much more durable than your typical new construction fence sections. Affordable Fencing uses treated horizontal supports. We also have pre-grading standards regarding the nominal dimensions of our pickets.
  • Posts:Treated Hardwood Pine – Wood fences built with 4x4x8 treated hardwood pine posts are much more durable. Yet to some people may think are unsightly because they protrude from the fence. Postmasters have solved this dilemma. Gates are built with 6x6x8 treated hardwood pine posts.

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